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Presentation Topics

Improving Your Sportsmanship Through Catholic Teaching  (for Catholic athletes, coaches, Catholic schools, youth groups and men's and women's conferences)

In 2005, the Vatican announced the creation of the Office of Church and Sport, a council developed to directly address the role of the athlete, coaches, parents and administrators in all aspects of sport and exercise. All participants have been granted the responsibility to maintain a certain level of integrity and morality concerning the game and their bodies. This discussion will specifically address unsportsmanlike behavior, illegal supplement use, and the tendency of athletes to glorify themselves instead of God. The message from the Office of Church and Sport will facilitate the latter portion of this presentation.

Improving Your Body Image Through Catholic Teaching  (for youth or young adults and men's and women’s retreats or conferences)

Society has been very effective on letting people know what the body is for, but God has something to say about the meaning and purpose of the body too. This talk will begin by addressing the variety of reasons for today’s hysteria concerning body size, weight, and body manipulation, and will conclude with a powerful discussion on how our Catholic faith, and in particular how John Paul II’s Theology of the Body can heal our body issues.  This presentation can be designed to address young adults, women or men.

Improving Your Kid's Body Image Through Catholic Teaching (for men's and women's retreats or conferences)

Children are no different than adults when it comes to exposure to and being affected by the media and society. But Catholic parents are not powerless in these situations. This talk will begin by discussing the numerous outlets and the impact they have on our children and will address specific strategies for the parent that will minimize the body image hysteria experienced by too many young people. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and the sacraments will support much of this presentation.  This presentation

is designed for mothers, fathers or both.


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